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Course Outline

           Email Basics

              Lesson 1:What is Email?
              Lesson 2:Sending Email
              Lesson 3:Reply
              Lesson 4:Forward 

Email Basics
What is E-mail:
Short for electronic mail, E-mail is a service of the Internet. It allows us to send electronic messages in the form of text to an e-mail account. This e-mail account can later be accessed by an individual to receive the message. We can also use e-mail to send files along with a message. These files are known as attachments. Therefore, e-mail is your personal connection to the world of the net. An e-mail address is the combination of a user name and a domain name that identifies a user so he or she can receive Internet e-mail. An e-mail program is software used to create, send, receive, forward, store, print, and delete e-mail messages. E-mail can be a very effective tool. It is much faster and more effecient than regularmail, in terms of sending messages. It is also a prefferable tool because it allows us to transfer files from one computer to another without the use of a secondary storage device.
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Sending email:
You send mail to people at their particular addresses. In turn, they write to you at your e-mail address. You can subscribe to the electronic equivalent of magazines and newspapers. You might even get electronic junk mail. To compose a message you will first have to click on the Compose link at the top of the screen. In the To section you will fill out the e-mail address of the person you wish to send the e-mail to. The subject is a brief summary of what the e-mail is about (it should be about two to five words). When finished click on the send button. The webmail system offers a much more descriptive help system which can be accessed from the webmail site.
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Sometimes you recieve mail from someone and then after reading it, you compose a message which you will send back to the person. this message is called a reply since by creating a message to respond to the persons mail, it is said that you have replied.
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Forward is when a person recieves an e-mail message and then re-sends the same message out to different persons.
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